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Boys Will Be Boys – July 2014


I’m excited to join the “Boys Will Be Boys” blog circle this month and share images of my boys doing what they do best – playing, running, jumping and having fun.  We were traveling for most of June so since I missed the first round of the circle, I’m jumping in with two sets of images from our adventures.  I hope you will continue on with Candice Morneau to see wonderful captures of her boys being boys here.

Lately, we’ve found our favorite playground near our home empty and the boys have gotten bored with no one but each other (and mom) to play with.  So, to shake things up, I brought their Batman outfits along and watched as they went on “missions”, acting out stories with both steadfast seriousness with bouts of hysterical laughter.  IMG_0909_bwbb IMG_0722_bwbb IMG_0731_bwbb IMG_0784_bwbb IMG_0849_bwbb IMG_0880_bwbb IMG_0945_bwbb IMG_0953_bwbb IMG_0962_bwbb IMG_0985_bwbb

Even Super Heros need baths! :)IMG_1021_bwbbIMG_1026_bwbb

Part of our month long travel took us to Columbus, Ohio to visit with family.  In the summer we always try to find time to head to the Scioto Mile Fountain downtown.  If you go early enough, the fountains are off and it’s a big reflecting pond (or as my younger son calls it – “a super big puddle”).  The fountains start out low and quickly build up to walls of water, perfect for jumping through.IMG_2057_loresIMG_1996_loresIMG_2092_loresIMG_2176_loresIMG_2101_loresIMG_2383_loresIMG_2213_lores

Turns out the fountain doesn’t just appeal to just the youngest generation in our family.  I was anticipating watching my older boy run through the fountain, but instead captured my awesome husband racing by with our squealing with delight younger son.  I think my husband ran through the water walls as many times as our boys did!  Just goes to show that Boys Will ALWAYS Be Boys <3IMG_2303_loresIMG_2280_loresIMG_2242_loresIMG_2353_loresIMG_2347_lores


Continue on here with Candice Victoria Photography.

2 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys – July 2014

  1. So much fun! I love the ones with your husband joining in on the water fun!

  2. Oh may, your boys look to be full of life and energy!! The water fountain shots are great!

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