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{And Then We Snapped} – Week THREE


And we are on to Week THREE in our {And Then We Snapped} 365-project!  This week I found myself shooting for my ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ blog post, going to the Children’s Museum, pool, more playgrounds, AND my first day back to graduate school where my little one got to tag along for the morning.

I’ve been home pretty much since the day my oldest son was born so it’ll be a challenge transitioning back to both work and school these coming weeks.  I’ve spent hundreds of mornings and thousands of hours taking my boys out to the parks and it’s bittersweet to see it come to an end.  I’ll consider it a major win if I can pick up the camera every day next week!  I hope that I can still sneak in some park time here and there but we most definitely will be outside exploring as much as we can on the weekends! :)

Please continue on our blog circle to see the lovely work of {Mel Karlberg Photography} here.

August_10B_2014 August_10C_2014 August_11_2014 August_11B_2014 August_12_2014 August_13_2014 August_13C_2014 August_13B_2014 IMG_0736_lores IMG_0752_loresAugust_14_2014 August_15B_2014August_16_2014August_16B_2014


9 thoughts on “{And Then We Snapped} – Week THREE

  1. Wow, what a bittersweet time! Just LOVE your comp & framing on so many of these! And those four bandaids <3 <3 !!

  2. Great week! The lines in the third photo are awesome!! Best of luck with the transition back to school and work.

  3. lovely!!! the image of him in front of the big window with all the lines — stunning!! <3

  4. beautiful images! love love the lines in the 3rd photo!!

  5. LOVE the light in the swing image! Beautiful!

  6. What a bunch of amazing photos! That 3rd one down is just wow! Love the symmetry:)

  7. love that scooter shot…you have a great eye for lines, and patterns. Gorgeous.

  8. So many fabulous shots – the way you use lines is really fabulous <3

  9. Love the swing shot and the museum shot. Such a great week!

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