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Boys Will Be Boys – September 2014


It’s time for the Boys Will Be Boys blog circle!  This month marked a big change in our house as I went back to graduate school after being home with the boys for almost 6 years.  On the weekend before I headed back, I made sure to take the boys to their favorite playground and we were pleasantly surprised that we had the entire park to ourselves!  It had rained the previous night and was overcast but it was perfect park weather.  After playing for an hour the boys wanted to scooter so off we went down the trail.  And that’s when our morning out went from fun to fantastic!  It’s a good thing I always keep extra clothes in the car ;)

Please continue on our Boys Will Be Boys Blog circle to Eva Satell and check out her end of summer post!

IMG_0032_bwbb IMG_0005_bwbb IMG_0023_bwbbIMG_0058_bwbb IMG_0048_bwbb IMG_0049_bwbb IMG_0093_bwbb IMG_0094_bwbb IMG_0063_bwbb IMG_0095_bwbb IMG_0102_bwbb IMG_0105_bwbb IMG_0111_bwbb IMG_0116_bwbbIMG_0140_bwbb IMG_0152_bwbb IMG_0165_bwbb IMG_0181_lores IMG_0186_bwbb IMG_0189_bwbb IMG_0204_bwbb IMG_0211_bwbb IMG_0225_bwbb IMG_0252_bwbb IMG_0255_bwbb IMG_0258_bwbb IMG_0276_bwbb IMG_0285_bwbb IMG_0288_bwbb IMG_0291_bwbb IMG_0294_bwbb IMG_0296_bwbb IMG_0318_BWBB


My boys told me that I was the bestest, most fun mommy ever. <3

Please continue on our Boys Will Be Boys Blog circle to Eva Satell and check out her end of summer post!

6 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys – September 2014

  1. I love seeing your photos regularly. The puddle ones – fantastic!

  2. LOVE the color ones! The pops of red from their hoods is great! and you are the bestest mommy! What a great morning you guys had!

  3. Looks like they had an amazing time! And you captured it all so beautifully!

  4. Beautiful photos! They have so much fun together. Love the water images and looks like they got wet!

  5. You boys look like they are so much fun. Mine would have been in the water too! Awesome images!

  6. Love these two! Gorgeous set of images. Nice job!!

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