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Boys Will Be Boys – January 2015

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We’ve had many adventures since the last Boys Will Be Boys blog circle and it was hard to narrow it down to just a couple of experiences to share!  We took a trip to visit family for the holidays and we spent some time exploring the river nearly my in-laws house and then I took the boys to my hometown beach on a different leg of the trip.  I’ve had a lot of fun playing with a 135mm lens lately and have found it to be perfect for chasing my active boys!

Please continue on the Boys Will Be Boys blog circle with Chantell Sims of Chasing Tydes Photography here.

My boys love playing in the river and finding different ways to cross various parts of it to continue their exploring of the area.  Sometimes when we visit the water is high and our adventures are relegated to the forest.  Other times we can walk on the riverbed, tossing stones as we go.

IMG_1598_bwbb IMG_1613_BWBB IMG_1611_BWBB IMG_1608_BWBB IMG_1620_BWBB IMG_1635_BWBB IMG_1626_BWBB IMG_1631_BWBB IMG_1656_BWBB IMG_1663_BWBB IMG_1675_BWBB IMG_2093_bwbb IMG_2098_bwbb IMG_2103_bwbb IMG_2109_BWBB IMG_2115_BWBB IMG_2110_BWBB IMG_2119_BWBB IMG_2124_BWBB IMG_2128_BWBB IMG_2132_BWBB

Often times the lake is partially frozen over by mid-December, but it was a beautiful seasonably warm day and perfect for a little exploring.  For the first time, I ventured with both kids out onto the break walls not only I walked out on as a child, but so did my mother, and my grandparents.  The water was chilly, but they dipped their toes in anyway and they ran and ran and ran.  While the light was not ideal, I just wanted to capture the boys at a place that holds so many childhood memories for me.IMG_2588_BWBB1 IMG_2593_BWBB2 IMG_2574_BWBB3 IMG_2597_BWBB4 IMG_2616_BWBB5 IMG_2606_BWBB6 IMG_2604_BWBB7 IMG_2609_BWBB9 IMG_2614_BWBB11 IMG_2642_BWBB8IMG_2625_BWBB10 IMG_2645_BWBB8B IMG_2647_BWBB112 IMG_2656_BWBB13 IMG_2669_BWBB14 IMG_2672_BWBB15 IMG_2675_BWBB16 IMG_2697_BWBB17

Please continue on the Boys Will Be Boys blog circle with Chantell Sims of Chasing Tydes Photography here.

One thought on “Boys Will Be Boys – January 2015

  1. Looks fun! I love how they are a pop of blue in the more muted colours of Fall and Winter :)

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