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Kids Were Here – September 2013

Another round of ‘Kids Were Here’ with some fantastic photographers.  One day I will miss the little shoes in the foyer, Legos streaming down the hallway, and the fact that both of my boys can fit in the toy chest so I tried to capture some of those fleeting moments this month.  The boys are still on their Star Wars kick (how many months running?!?) and lately they have been playing with figures non-stop when they are at home.  Not only do we find figures all over the place (front steps included!) but they incorporate them into their play.  Sometimes they will be riding ponies which were once mine, other times they will be stacked on towers or have elaborate houses built just for them.  In the evenings it’s not uncommon to find a scene set up on the back porch.  Then very carefully before bed, daily favorites are lined up on the bed rail.  I now know why my mom kept my Star Wars figures, they are little reminders of how I used to play.

IMG_1248 IMG_5405 IMG_3032IMG_0158 IMG_9556 IMG_9551 IMG_8527 IMG_6675 IMG_7538 IMG_8020

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Kids Were Here – August 2013

The focus of this blog circle the past few months has been to document ways “Kids Were Here” in our homes, they grow up so fast and years down the road I’ll be grateful to have the reminders of what every day looked like when my boys were this age.  Right now my boys just absolutely love K’nex and spend hours every day playing with them and building.  The best thing about K’nex is they can quickly create 3-D structures, the bad thing about K’nex is that they are small and go everywhere.in.the.house.  Every night we have to clean up dumped out K’nex all over my son’s floor and often times I will find stray parts just lying around, even on the patio outside.  Still on the Stars Wars kick, they prefer to use K’nex to build items from the stories like the ‘Sarlacc’ with tentacles or space ships (Boba Fett’s and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s ships seen here).  My youngest made himself a ‘Jedi belt’ to hang his lightsaber from and given the opportunity, he will wear it all day.  Somehow the K’nex seem to migrate throughout the house over the course of the day and I’ll easily collect a handful found in random places.  And a shout out to our awesome Irish Terrier – he will patiently let the boys ‘handcuff’ him when they pretend to “capture Chewbacca”. :) IMG_9932IMG_1800IMG_7231 IMG_9502 IMG_9530IMG_1243IMG_2595

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Kids Were Here – July 2013

Along with some other talented ladies, I am taking the time to document ways ‘kids were here’ in our home.  I have two boys and they are absolutely totally nuts about Star Wars.  Without a doubt their favorite toys are their lightsabers and figures so it was natural to do a Star Wars theme for this month’s Kids Were Here’ blog post.  Usually they wear their lightsabers clipped to their pants but often I’ll find them on the table, accidently forgotten after snack time.  Forget using the included pieces for games, figures are used in their place almost always.  Often times I’ll find these figures just in odd places around the house – the top of window blinds (no idea how they got there!), post-snack water cups (they were apparently ‘swimming’), stuffed in socks (socks = sleeping bags according to my youngest), or trapped in a bug net.  No one is spared playing Star Wars in our house.  As you can see, they even make sure the dog rolls with a lightsaber ;)

IMG_4230 IMG_5517 IMG_6938 IMG_7230 IMG_8995 IMG_9140IMG_6480

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Kids Were Here – May 2013

Along with a group of talented ladies, we are documenting little ways we know that ‘Kids Live Here’ in our everyday lives.  Our house is overrun by two energetic little boys.  We go through lots of toilet paper, water balloons, and a seemingly end less amount of food.  They leave behind puddles and place their toys on the windowsill so the toys can ‘see outside’.  Action figures are banned from the dining room but still some how sneak in there here and again.  Everything in the house can function as a hook and sometimes they even help with weeding the backyard – only to dump it out seconds later… no doubt that Kids Were Here in our house.  New surprises await us everyday!


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